the Mami Device from L&L Skin – If you really want to step up your skincare routine at home.

L&L Skin does it again guys! If you are looking into stepping up your routine at home, the Mami Device from L&L skin will be your best friend, let me explain you why…

This very aesthetically pleasing tool is a Hot and Cold beauty device which combines high-speed massage, red/blue LED therapy combined with a heating/cooling system.

This clever tool has 3 different settings, first we have the ’normal setting’ which gives vibration to the skin, helps to restore and revitalise the skin.

Next to that it improves skin turgor. Speeds up the metabolism, plus helps to improve the immune system of the skin.

The cool mode;
With Blue LED, the device will be 6-10 degrees below normal room temperature and is designed to;
De-puff the face, reduce dark circles, reduce inflammation, reduce acne and visually narrowing the pores.

I have to say that this is probably my favourite setting at the moment the cool mode feels incredible on the skin and in combination with the massage it’s just so extremely relaxing and leaves my skin feeling and looking lifted, love it.

Last but not least there is the Hot Mode:
Combined with Red LED, temperate around 40degrees Celsius, will help with, lifting the skin, smooth out wrinkles, improve the blood circulation, accelerate metabolic processes in the skin, relieve tension in the muscles and helps with better penetration for skincare products into the skin.

This setting feels extremely relaxing and I like to do this in the evening before bed, somehow the combination of the heat and the massage feels extremely relaxing.
It’s recommended to use the device every day for 5-10 minutes.
Make sure to wash your face first, the maximum desired result will be seen after 60 days of continuous use.

Usage of the device is super simple guys, clean your face, apply a cream, gel or serum on your skin and use the device on your skin with your preferred setting.

What you can also do is use the device on top of a sheet mask for example, this in combination with the Mami Device will stimulate the penetration of nutrients deeper into the skin.

This device is also suitable on sensitive skin. In case you have Botox or fillers, wait 3 weeks to use the device, after that you are good to go.
It’s super easy to charge the device when this is needed, it comes with a little USB cable that you can use to charge the device, it really is that simple.

The price of the device is; £299 and believe me when I tell you that this will truly take your routine to the next level. Next to that the device is gorgeous and feels very luxurious, it just works.

I am so impressed with how well it works on my skin and next to the results, it’s also extremely relaxing. I could not recommend this device more!
If you wish to purchase the Mami Device yourself, have a look on the website, believe me, it’s a great investment;

Lots of love, Wiesje

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