The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair — a real classic Copy

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a real classic, she really doesn’t need an introduction. Beautiful, really does everything that I like in a hydrating serum and much more.

It’s perfect suitable to use day and night and it makes the skin feeling so soft and supple. The texture is amazing and it’s just a joy to apply this product. This serum will always be in my stash.

It’s always a little painful when I finish a bottle, but I will never be without this product. I even remember that my sister had the ANR in her stash years ago when I was still a very annoying little sister, (long time ago guys, I am not so annoying anymore) but every time when I spend a weekend in her apartment, I would really look forward to use the serum and the eye cream too, even though I was still so young…

I have always been so into my beauty products. Brings back so many amazing memories! I really adore the ANR, not many products impress me so much, but this one very much does.

What is a product that you will buy over and over again?

Thank you so much for reading, XX Wiesje

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