My Revision Rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul with Dr Yusuf Orhan Ucal.

Hi everyone! 

After years of lots of thinking and research I recently had (finally) my revision rhinoplasty surgery done. Today I would like to share a little more with you guys about this journey.

My first rhinoplasty surgery was in London, UK in 2017. I disliked my nose as long as I can remember, and I always knew that as soon as I would have enough money to pay for the surgery, I would go for it.

After my first surgery I did see a huge improvement in the nose, however the thought of the nose tip being smaller and more ‘lifted’ never really left my mind. Even though, I put it often to the back of my mind, as I did not really wanted to go through surgery again…

However, I could never get this thought of my mind and after a very, very long time of research, I finally found a surgeon that I was extremely keen on proceeding with. 

A Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is not an easy procedure and I knew that I needed to find an extremely skilled surgeon for my case.

The surgeon that I booked my surgery with is; Dr Yusuf Orhan Ucal.

On the 13th of February I travelled from London to Istanbul. My best friend travelled on the same day from Amsterdam to Istanbul, she also looked after me by my first surgery, and bless her, she did the exact same thing the second round. 

We stayed in a lovely hotel in Istanbul, the Radisson Blu and had some time prior to the surgery to explore the (very big and busy) city of Istanbul.

My surgery was scheduled on the 15th of Feb, and even though I felt slightly nervous, I was overall just very excited and really couldn’t wait to get it done. My surgery was booked for ages and I was just very ready for it.

The hospital was very clean, spacious and modern. My friend Elmi was able to stay with me overnight in the hospital in the same room, which was great too.

The surgery itself took around 4-5 hours, next to the revision rhinoplasty, I also included Otoplasty on one side (the right side of my head) as I always had 1 ear sticking out, it really bothered me and I decided to combine this too, so glad I did! Thankfully, the surgery went really well, I was so glad to hear this.

We stayed one night in the hospital and the next day it was time to go back to the hotel. The first 2 days I rested quite a bit, the hotel is lovely and very comfortable and the food is amazing, which we enjoyed so much.

I also had nurses checking up on me every single day, the service is truly amazing, I really did not expect the service to be so great!

On Saturday it was time to go to the clinic from Dr You (Dr Yusuf Orhan Ucal) and remove the cast and the stitches. 

I would also be able to see my nose for the first time, which was so exciting for me! I was slightly nervous, but again I just couldn’t wait for this moment.

Removing the stitches and the packing in the nose is absolutely fine and didn’t hurt one bit. Seeing myself in the mirror was so exciting and I loved the results straight away, he did truly an amazing job with my difficult case and I could not be more grateful.

On Monday it was time to travel back to London again, I knew I would miss the hotel life, but I also looked forward going back to London to see my boyfriend and recover back home.

I am now exactly 3 weeks post op and feeling great. Of course, there is still lots of swelling and any kind of nose surgery is a long process, I will need to be patient but I am already so happy and couldn’t be more grateful.

I do also want to tell you guys the same as what I mentioned in my YouTube video, I do not support anyone to get cosmetic surgery, this is a very personal decision and this is a decision that I did not take lightly.

I write this as I know how it is to go through it, and I truly hope that this may be helpful for anyone who is in the same situation as I was in years ago.

Please note that my emails / DM are always open to anyone who has any questions, I would always be happy to answer these.


Lots of love,


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